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Welcome, my name is Pauleen Kerkhof, Executive Director with Epicure

I have been with Epicure for 18+ years and I am still loving it! I have been in the Top 4 in Sales for all these years! I share this because I love what I do, and I get to share healthy eating and quick meal solutions with others. I also get to share this as an opportunity for those who are potentially looking to work from home!

I hope you will enjoy this “Party in a Link” as I share more about the products too. If you have any questions – please just ask!

What We’re About

We all deserve to eat better and live healthy lives.  As the processed food industry has grown, so have food-related illnesses like obesity and diabetes that now face our next generation in alarming numbers. That’s not OK.

Sylvie Rochette founded Epicure in 1997 with a passion to share the healthy eating solutions she had created for her family. Today, Sylvie and her daughter, CEO Amelia Warren, are uniting time-starved families that want to reconnect across the table to share good food, eat healthier, and live better.

At Epicure, we are a community that unites and inspires each other to rally around healthy eating. Epicure is dedicated to sharing delicious meal solutions that use only real, whole ingredients you can trust, while never ever compromising on taste.

We educate and inspire our community with a three-course solution—for ourselves, our children, and our planet.

Our mission is to take back our health and change the course of our next generation’s wellness and relationship with food.

Multipurpose Steamer


This “Time Saving Cookware Piece” is a KEEPER in every Kitchen. Cook things like popcorn & veggies, right up to an entire chicken in less than 25 minutes. 

Cheesy Fries


Made with aromatic garlic, real Parmesan and premium quality spices! Low in sodium, free from gluten, artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. Shake on fries, popcorn, pasta or vegetables for a healthy, cheesy family favourite!


Strawberry Margarita Mix


Sweet , tangy blend of real strawberries and tart lime juice. Create restaurant-quality margaritas by blending with ice, strawberries and water. Tequila is optional! (or use Rum for Daiquiris!)

Home Made Salad Dressings

Check out how easy it is to make your own dressings, as you need them.

BBQ Burgers

Which do your choose?

  • Kickin’ Jalapeño: Bring some zing to your burgers with our Kickin’ Jalapeño Burger Seasoning, made with select spices and real jalapeño peppers. We made this versatile seasoning to bring spicy umami flavour (with a hint of lime) to anything and everything that we could throw on the BBQ. It’s a spicy blend but you can add as much or as little heat as you want to cater to your tastes. Simply combine with your burger meat (or sprinkle on vegetables that have been lightly oiled) for an impressive, healthy alternative to takeout burgers.
  • Bánh Mi: A perfectly balanced combination of traditional Vietnamese flavours and classic American burger goodness. Inspired by the iconic Vietnamese sandwich, we create our Bánh Mì Burger Seasoning with a blend of lemongrass, chili flakes, and other spices to bring that tangy zing to our meals (For us, “tangy zing” is an enjoyable low-medium heat). In three easy steps, you can create a delicious low-sodium burger that beats any takeout option for health and taste. 

Earn FREE Products

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What you do invite some friends to join be excited share your favourites

Earn the Rewards free product half priced items “Host” exclusive

Epic Box Subscription


Plus, enjoy other great things inside, like the Epic meal plan:
✔️ 7 products.*
✔️ 1 Printed recipe card
✔️ 1 eBook with fun themed recipes for each month
✔️ Ready in 15–20 min Create your meal solutions, your way!
*Some months may include a jar instead of a sachet. We may also include an exclusive product from time to time.

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